Life at DHG Podcast Series

Episode 39: Advice and Reflections from DHG Interns

In this podcast we are joined by former DHG interns, Tangmo Thistle and Taylor Sharpe. Tangmo and Taylor look back on their DHG experience as they share key takeaways and advice for future DHG interns.

Episode 39 Transcript:

AGH: Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of our DHG podcast series. I’m Alice Grey Harrison, your host, and I love this venue because we get to hear from our team members about the things that matter the most to us: our people, flexibility, and careers.

We’ve had some really awesome interns this spring and I’ve had a chance to get to know a lot of them across our footprint. Today I’ve invited a couple of our superstars to share their perspective with us.

Tangmo Thistle is in our Norfolk office and Taylor Sharp is in our Charlotte office. Welcome, ladies.

TT: Thank you.

TS: Hi.

AGH: Okay, before we get into the questions that I have for you. If each of you could just share with us what school you’re currently attending and what type of internship you’re doing with us. Is it tax, audit, editor, or advisory?

Tangmo, you want to go first?

TT: All right, I am currently attending Old Dominion University and I am a tax intern.

AGH: Awesome, Taylor?

TS: I am currently attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and I am an audit intern.

AGH: Very good. Okay, so Taylor, I’m going to kick this off with you. What attracted you to do an internship at DHG?

TS: I think two of the biggest things that attracted me to pursue an internship at DHG were definitely the culture and the way that DHG values their people just from talking with recruiters and seeing the employees in a first time experience, it really shows that the people matter.

The flexibility, Life Beyond Numbers, that’s really what attracted me to an internship and to find out more about this because accounting is a very busy profession. Knowing that there is flexibility and that the people you work with care about your life outside of work, was something huge to me, that definitely attracted me to be an intern here.

Then the other thing was the dealerships group. I’m very passionate about dealerships and I really wanted to see dealerships from the audit side, so that was definitely one of the big factors that influenced me to pursue an internship with DHG.

AGH: Very good, okay, how about you Tangmo?

TT: Well, I have to agree with Taylor. The people that you work with will definitely make your experience worthwhile and that’s what I experienced with the recruiters as well and when I came here for their open house, the atmosphere was just great. People were welcoming and there was no tension or anything, it was just, you know, regular conversation with people and I felt like I fit in. I didn’t have to try and there wasn’t any awkwardness between the people there. That’s what I really enjoy, is the people.

AGH: Yeah, that’s terrific. I would imagine it would be pretty intimidating as a college student to come to an open house. That’s really great to hear and really is our culture no matter what office you’re in.

Tangmo, what would you say, how is your internship different than what you thought it might be like?

TT: Oh boy, I came in and they told me I was a tax intern and I was really intimidated. I’ve never taken a tax class before and the thought of tax is just scary to me. So I was really frightened but they — everybody expressed, “No, it’s going to be fun,” and everything else, but how fun can tax really be?

It’s true. It has been a great and fun experience. It’s been rough as far as the learning, the process and everything, but as of right now, I feel like I’m getting the hang of things and I actually enjoy it, you know? I came in, thinking I’m going to hate it or maybe I’m going to pursue something else but so far so good, I really like the tax department.

AGH: That’s awesome. Hey, if you can like it during busy season then we must be pretty fun around here.

TT: Yeah.

AGH: Okay, Taylor, what about you? What’s different?

TS: One of the things that was different from what I expected was the partner interaction with different audit jobs. I don’t know really how it is on the tax side but I know with audit, the partners are out there every week that we’re at a client; out there helping us, out there offering advice while we’re working on the client and you know, that’s something, I never thought that they would have so much involvement because I know that they’re super busy.

But it’s really cool to have that interaction and that relationship with a partner, and you get to learn so much from them, that you’ll carry with you throughout your career and then everyone here is so helpful. Whenever you have a question, even if you think it might be a dumb question, they’re always so helpful because they want you to learn and not struggle.

It just provides a very good learning environment for interns that are coming in. It just helps you to kind of grasp everything that you’re doing and put the pieces together so that you can understand what you’re doing, instead of just doing something and not understanding it.

AGH: Terrific. So, speaking about interns that might be coming in. We’ll soon say farewell to you guys and we’ll welcome another class of interns for the summer. What advice would you give someone who is soon to be interning at DHG, and Taylor, if you want to take this one first, that would be great?

TS: Definitely. To take a notepad with you everywhere you go, a notepad and a pen. It will serve you so well to write down what you’re seeing here or what the associates are asking you to do for them because an hour later when you finally get to that task, you’re not going to remember what you were told if you don’t write it down.

And just to have fun, soak it all in, you’re going to learn a lot, and especially during busy season, a lot gets thrown at you and and you just thought, “What in the world is all these stuff that’s coming at me? I have no clue what this is.” But just be a sport, just do everything that you can and don’t be intimidated but just do your best and be the best person that you can be.

AGH: That’s terrific. How about you, Tangmo, you got any advice?

TT: Well those are very great pieces of advice. I mean I would take up all of those from Taylor. My advice would be, is to ask questions. There are no dumb questions. I ask so many questions and sometimes I want to go back and ask them, “Can you please repeat what you said to me because I didn’t get that the first time.” So definitely don’t be afraid to ask because that’s how you learn.

It’s a learning process, it’s a high learning curve but start out with your questions and just get to know the partners and be comfortable with them. Once you feel that comfortableness it’s going to be easy to ask and to talk to them about anything that you have questions on.

AGH: That’s terrific advice and I would say both pieces are really great and the whole notepad thing, I still carry around a journal book everywhere I go all the time, writing everything down because I would forget if I didn’t have that. That’s great advice.

Okay so what would you say is your biggest takeaway from this internship, Tangmo?

TT: Oh, well, I mean, it’s the beginning of my career. It’s my first internship, so this experience has been wonderful. I came in thinking, “Oh maybe accounting wasn’t for me,” because I didn’t really have any experience. I didn’t know what it was like and this internship gave me that and I am so grateful for it. It’s been wonderful. It’s been great and I hope I can pursue more internships, more experience maybe on the audit side. Just get an overview of accounting in general. It has been great.

AGH: That’s awesome, Taylor how about you?

TS: I would also have to agree with Tangmo. Definitely this is the beginning of our career and this internship helped us to decide if we like accounting, if accounting is the route we want to take and it helps determine whether you’re an audit person or a tax person. So definitely this internship has helped me to solidify that I am an audit person not a tax person and that I feel like I’m where I was supposed to be as far as dealerships go in the audit world.

AGH: Fabulous, well it sounds like you both had an amazing experience and that makes me very happy because I am passionate about DHG and I’ve been here almost 10 years and every year it gets better and better so it makes my heart happy to hear about what great experiences our interns are having.

So enough of this work talk, what are you girls doing this summer? What’s going on, Tangmo?

TT: Well I’m busy-busy always. So I will be going to school. Aside from that I am going to try to travel. I think we have family plans to go to London and visit family and explore. Yep, that’s my plan. It’s not too big but I like to keep busy and have fun at the same time.

AGH: I think going to London sounds pretty big. That’s exciting.

TT: It is.

AGH: Taylor how about you?

TS: I am actually going to Disney World in June so I am really excited about that and I am actually continuing my internship through August. So I will still be at DHG for the summer before I start graduate school in the fall.

AGH: Oh fabulous.

TS: Going to get a little bit of vacation in there.

AGH: Well I do hope you get a little bit of vacation. So are you in our SouthPark office?

TS: Yes ma’am.

AGH: All right, well next time I’m in Charlotte, I spend a lot of time in Charlotte, I’ll come up and say hello.

TS: That sounds great.

AGH: Thank you all so much for sharing your perspectives with us and spending sometime on the podcast, I really appreciate it.

TT: Yeah, no problem.

TS: Thank you for having me.

AGH: And I hope you all have a great summer and for our listeners out there, I thank you all for listening to Life at DHG, our premier podcast series. If you liked what you just heard, we hope you’ll tell your friends and colleagues. Be sure to check out our Life at DHG blog for more great stories about our Life Beyond Numbers. Join us next time for another edition of Life at DHG.