Life at DHG Podcast Series

DHG’s Change Hub Presents: Change Maker Lori Haley

DHG’s Change Hub Presents: Change Makers

The DHG Change Hub manages the pace, cadence, communications and implementation of change at DHG. This podcast series puts a spotlight on individuals who have taken change leadership to the next level; those who believe that not only can we change for the good personally and professionally but perhaps, just perhaps, we may create a change in the communities and the world we live in. These bold souls are doing amazing things to be the change we want to see in the world. They believe that – We can do anything!

These leaders exemplify the courage to embrace change, both inside and outside of DHG.

Lori Haley
As the managing partner of Atlanta, Birmingham and Jacksonville market, Lori had the courage to include a session featuring “Unconscious Bias” in the Birmingham Executive Briefing Series. While the other sessions of the day covered typical business-related topics, she had the courage to incorporate what might be viewed as edgy and uncomfortable by some. As our Inclusion and Diversity leader, an African American female, addressed a virtually all white audience with clarity, passion and wisdom, eyes were opened, brains were engaged, and hearts were touched. What an impact she was able to make in helping build a more inclusive business community in Birmingham, Alabama.