Life at DHG Podcast Series

DHG’s Change Hub Presents: Change Maker Kate Stewart

DHG’s Change Hub Presents: Change Makers 

The DHG Change Hub manages the pace, cadence, communications and implementation of change at DHG. This podcast series puts a spotlight on individuals who have taken change leadership to the next level; those who believe that not only can we change for the good personally and professionally but perhaps, just perhaps, we may create a change in the communities and the world we live in. These bold souls are doing amazing things to be the change we want to see in the world. They believe that – We can do anything!

These leaders exemplify the courage to embrace change, both inside and outside of DHG

Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart was born with juvenile diabetes.  If you have ever met Kate, you know that she, most definitely, hasn’t let that slow her down.  As the leader of operations for DHG’s Tax Practice and a champion for change, she was instrumental in helping us navigate 2019 tax reform while simultaneously implementing a new software platform. But that’s not all, she is a devoted mother and wife and self-described “favorite daughter.” On top of all of that, Kate is a major champion for change in the community, raising thousands of dollars each year to fund education and research around juvenile diabetes.  Kate led the JDRF Fund Raiser for 2019 with the same determination, passion and creativity she is famous for at DHG. The results were nothing short of amazing!