Life at DHG Podcast Series

Expanding Flexibility with New Life-Work Solutions!

Previously, when employees were asked what sets DHG apart, one of the overwhelming responses was flexibility. “Life beyond numbers” has always been a priority for the firm, but now, more than ever, flexibility is key amidst a global pandemic. Katrina Thompson, Director of HR, joins the Life at DHG Podcast to discuss the recently launched Life-Work Solutions Suite, which increases flexibility with new resources and offerings to benefit all employees.



Many of the Life-Work Solutions Suite concepts started to develop at the DHG Flexibility Summit in early 2020. When COVID-19 changed the world seemingly overnight, some elements of the original plan were put on pause, while others were accelerated at warp speed. New benefits were agilely added to keep up with the ever-changing needs of DHG’s employees.

Launched in August 2020, the Life-Work Solutions Suite offers flexibility options and resources to everyone – not just working parents. Whatever life may bring your way – challenging WFH environments, caregiver concerns, mental health challenges – the suite has something to benefit everyone.

In addition to the firm’s already strong health and wellness program, which includes benefits such as Headspace subscriptions for all employees, new offerings include:

An innovative backup dependent care provider with expanded benefits, including an online component with homework help, tutoring, group classes and more for children.

A completely new service offering to assist with any type of care giving responsibilities – whether that be a parent, child, sibling, friend – and help walk them through the care giving journey.

An updated employee assistance program (EAP) to better support mental and emotional health with expanded “life assistance” benefits to assist with things such as home budgeting, debt management, legal assistance, relocation guidance, and more.

A stipend to purchase needed home office equipment.

The firm also created flexibility resources and support groups to ensure all employees are set up for success, including:

A network of flexibility coaches which allows parents to connect with other parents to talk through challenges and potential solutions.

Resources specifically for managers in the firm to help embrace and lean into flexibility, since flexibility starts at the top.

Remote work best practices, which implements daily Focus Time and Zoom free days.

DHG is continually expanding flexibility to enhance the lives of our people while managing engagement, productivity, profitability and the client experience.