Authenticity Always.

For DHG, inclusion and diversity means more than a social responsibility. It is a critical element to achieving our mission of building valuable careers with our people and helping our clients achieve their goals. Our goal is to foster an environment that enables all of our people to plan for their future in a way that successfully integrates their career with their lifestyle regardless of gender, race, skill set, age, sexual preference or other factors. This empowers each and every person at DHG to bring their best self and their authentic self to work every day.

Veterans Common Interest Group – Click here to learn more. 

Talent and innovation

For us, strategically focused efforts around inclusion and diversity promote innovation, enhanced opportunities for our people, better access to top talent and improved performance for DHG.

Scholarship opportunities.

As part of our focus on inclusion and diversity and our efforts to recruit best-in-class talent, DHG offers scholarships annually to our diverse candidates.


DHG Commitment Scholarship: Three $10,000 scholarships are presented annually (1 in the spring and 2 in the summer) to diverse candidates who apply and commit to work at DHG for 3 years.

Requirements: Upon acceptance of a full-time offer at DHG, the candidate will receive an invite to apply for the scholarship. The candidates application must include an official transcript, letter of acceptance, expected Masters completion date and tuition costs.


Hardship Scholarship: Up to $10,000 is awarded annually to diverse candidates for books, tuition, GMAT expenses, etc. There is no limit to the number of recipients but the scholarship money is capped at $10,000 per year. Candidates apply by completing a request form with the amount requested.


Please note, applicants can only apply for one scholarship. 


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