Grow Your Career.

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Once You’re Here, You Can Go Anywhere.

Whatever direction you see your career taking, this place is filled with opportunities. While we focus in Dealerships, Banking, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Real Estate, Insurance, Government Contracting, and numerous other industries, there are constantly opportunities to grow your career in other directions as well. How far and how fast you build your career is entirely up to you.

Career Advancement Doesn't Have to be Cutthroat

A different culture.

We are not like the larger accounting firms. While our clients, pay and benefits are similar, our culture is completely unique. At other firms there is an “eat what you kill” mentality. Competition for advancement can be fierce and ruthless. That’s just not the way it is here. We work together and help each other. Our successes are team successes.

Accounting Career Development

Your development matters.

We truly want every Professional, Manager and Partner to succeed. Professional development and the career goals of team members are the number one priority around here. We expect to give you all the opportunities, tools and resources you need to advance your career in ways you may not have been able to in previous positions. Our dedicated team of learning and development professionals can engage you in curriculum that includes on-site classes and workshops, as well as virtual classroom education. But way beyond the classroom is what you’ll learn side-by-side with our exceptional talent. At DHG, our Managers and Partners consider your development a top priority.