Why DHG?

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Get Ready to Launch.

If the first career decision you make is to join the DHG team, you’re destined for great things. It’s a decision that says you want to hit the ground running. To work with high-profile clients right out of the gate. To earn competitive compensation and benefits. To surround yourself with fun, supportive people who truly want to see you succeed. And to join a team that believes your personal life is as important as your professional life. Sounds like a great way to launch a career.

Your career starts on day one.

We learn by doing. So we bring First-Years and Interns into the fold from day one. Giving you responsibilities and opportunities to work immediately with high-profile clients. First-Year and Intern experience you won’t get with a larger accounting firm. And that’s just the beginning. We have great things planned for you, and launching you on a clear career path is our top priority.

Competitive salary and benefits.

Because we recruit the top-tier associates, we compensate you accordingly. You can expect the same level of compensation and benefits packages as with the Big 4 firms. The only difference is that DHG is a team environment where you will contribute immediately. Not a firm where you’re just a number and primarily do menial work.

Enjoy life.

You’re not only starting your career, you’re also starting your life as an independent adult. We encourage you to integrate your work and personal life in a healthy way. Unlike other firms, you won’t be required to work long hours, weekends, etc. all year long. Yes, our work is very important to us, but so are our personal lives.

Flexible hours.

We’ve built a culture of trust and empowerment here. It is understood that we will all get our work done – well and on time. We set goals with our managers and teams and then create a plan to accomplish those goals and still have a life outside of work. To some that means coming in at 9:00am and staying a bit later in the evening. For others it means an extended lunch to fit in a workout but perhaps an early start to the day. For you that might mean altering your schedule  so you can leave a little early to attend a class or just see some friends.

Healthy perks.

Part of making a great life is staying healthy, and we have all the incentives to do it. Beyond great health insurance, DHG offers other health benefits like reimbursements for gyms, weight loss programs, nutrition education, health fairs, personal nurse coaching, and more. We also have access to an Employee Assistance Program established to help team members deal with life’s daily challenges – from transitioning to career responsibilities and balancing work and relationships to emotional health and more. Because we know that when our lives are good, our work is too.

Work as a team.

We love the atmosphere around here. It’s an environment where everyone helps each other. We succeed together. Managers and top leadership have an open door policy, and we don’t just talk it – we live it. Which means if you have a question, concern, or issue, you walk in and talk about it. It also means that newer team members have total access to seasoned pros who can lend advice and wisdom that only years of experience can bring.

We're family.

If you enjoy the people you work with, it makes your job that much more fulfilling. We see each other as more than just coworkers. We share our lives outside of work. We share similar interests and passions and experiences. At birthday parties. Ballgames. Philanthropy. And popular local hangouts. Sure, we work for the same firm… but we also thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.