We’ve got your back.

You worry. We get it. And you can rest assured that our culture here is focused on people first. Your son or daughter isn’t a resource or asset… but rather a unique person we are committed to helping develop, both professionally and personally. From our Chief People Officer (yes, her actual title) to the person hired right beside your son or daughter, we treat one another like family. And it shows in our mission statement: “We exist to build valuable careers with our people and to help our clients achieve their goals.” Around here our people always come first.

Here are five more reasons why DHG would be the perfect fit:

Great Salary and Benefits

We offer very competitive compensation, benefits and wellness programs that are as good as what the largest 4 accounting firms in the U.S. offer.

Life/Work Integration

We love the enthusiasm and energy of First-Year Associates, but we’re careful not to let them get overwhelmed. Which is why we have flexible work hours – to give our new professionals time to make a great life for themselves outside of work. By doing things they enjoy. Spending time with friends. Volunteering at a local food bank. And, of course, visiting and going to family functions.

A Better Experience Sooner

First-Year Associates are given amazing opportunities to work on important, high-profile projects a lot sooner than if they worked for another firm. In fact, First-Year Associates at DHG are said to get opportunities that Senior Associates at the largest firms would be lucky to work on. They work on a variety of engagements  with different types of clients rather than being saddled with one client. We think this helps them start off with a well-rounded foundation –  definitely a plus when beginning a career in public accounting.

Professional Development

The career trajectory of our professionals is a top priority for us. We have built a collaborative culture that gives younger professionals access to more experienced team members. We know that classroom training alone is insufficient to grow skills and knowledge, which is why we focus on mentoring, coaching, and providing on-the-job experiences as well as robust on-line and classroom training. Wherever they see their careers taking them, DHG is ready to help them get there.

We are Extended Family

We look out for our own. Team members aren’t just a number to us, they are part of our family. Each of us takes an active interest in both the professional and personal success of all our colleagues.

Dear Parents,

I’d like to assure you that what you’ve read isn’t just rhetoric.  I’m not a Chief Human Resources Officer, or a Chief Human Capital Officer.  I’m the Chief PEOPLE Officer because our primary focus as a firm is on our talented people, including those young professionals you’re about to launch into their careers.  Why do we put such an emphasis on our people?  The answer is simple.  We focus on our people first, because when our people are happy, growing intellectually, and fulfilled in their work and their lives, we deliver excellence in client service.  Happier people means happier clients.  It’s our fundamental belief, and what sets us apart as a firm.

If your son or daughter is looking for a great place to build a career in an environment that cares for them as individuals, look no further than DHG. 

Effin Logue
Chief People Officer