Grow Your Career.

Watch the here

Write your own ticket.

Whatever goals you have set for your career, we will help you create a clear path to get there. How far and how fast you build your career is entirely up to you. And if you aren’t sure of the direction you want to go yet, we can give you a chance to experience it all through internships, short term assignments and formal rotations. The bottom line is — your career development is top priority for our team.

Find your calling.

Who knows where your career will take you? Perhaps you’ll grow beyond tax or audit accounting after your first few years. You might gravitate to our consulting positions, such as forensics or risk advisory, where you’ll help clients make business decisions. Or you may choose a niche industry you want to focus on. You may even discover a proficiency you never knew you had and branch off to lead that part of the DHG team in another city.

First Year Associates Work Hard

Do important work from day one.

First-Year Associates here are kind of a big deal. From the minute you start here, you will have more opportunities to work on bigger, higher-profile projects a lot sooner than your counterparts at other firms. And because we operate as one team, regardless of what office you are in, you may have the opportunity to travel and work in various offices to support a variety of clients. Mobility at DHG means not only do we provide the opportunity to experience different work assignments, but also assignments in different geographies.

Climb the Ladder

Climb the ladder.

Our team promotes from within. And we would love to help you work your way up through the ranks. Today you’re a First-Year Associate, and before you know it, you could be Partner. (Well, there are a few steps in between, but you get the point.)

Professional Accounting Career Training

Build the best YOU.

We want to give you all the opportunities, tools and resources you need to become the professional you want to be. Our dedicated team of learning and development professionals can engage you in curriculum that includes on-site classes and workshops, as well as virtual classroom education. But way beyond the classroom is what you’ll learn side-by-side with our exceptional talent. At DHG, our Managers and Partners consider your development a top priority.