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RAVE-ing About Our DHG Administrative Professionals


In celebration of Administrative Professionals Day on April 24, Pamela Roberts, one of our experienced administrative professionals, shares what she loves about DHG as well as a few of her tips for delivering top-notch client service. In 2018, Pamela received more RAVEs (accolades for going above and beyond) than any other administrative professional in the firm! There is no question, our hard-working administrative professionals go out of their way, each and every day, to help us be the best firm we can be.

How long have you been with DHG?

I count my years at DHG by the number of tax seasons – this was my 19th tax season.

Were you surprised to learn that you received the most RAVEs (72 total!) of all DHG administrative professionals in 2018? Why do you think you were at the top of the list?

Very surprised because I don’t keep track of things like that! It’s pretty outstanding. I would say it really helps that I enjoy what I do. Honestly, I was made to do this work, I just love it. I’m also extremely organized. We did a lot of renovations in the Asheville office,  I set up and organized the large workroom where our admins processed returns. People kept coming in saying, “how did you do this?” It just comes to me naturally, but it helps to think ahead.

I like the challenge. Getting through tax season each year – it’s like a badge of honor you get to earn, and I don’t like to fail.  If there’s anything non-chargeable you need, I need to be doing that. Our staff needs to be 100% chargeable.  I was here when Chief Operating Officer Mike Crawford was a tax partner in Asheville. Now, when he asks me to do something, I continue to be honored and anxious to do it. On the long days, I rely on Ibuprofen, dark chocolate and a good sense of humor to get me through. You have to be able to laugh, especially at yourself.

Client service is top-of-mind for us at DHG – both with our internal and external clients. How do you go above and beyond to make sure your internal “clients” are receiving the best service possible?

I try to be proactive and take as much off their desks as I can. I look ahead and schedule all meetings and conference rooms when I can for the team I support. I exercise and work out just to keep up with the partner I support. (Which is understandable – Pamela supports Michael Rauchwarg, who ran 50 marathons in 50 states!) It helps that I’ve been here so long, you really start to develop great working relationships. I would also say, lead by example. Behind every great partner is a great admin.

Away from the office, what do you like to do in your Life Beyond Numbers?

Anything outdoors. You’ll never see me in front of a computer in my free time. Once people get to know me, and how much I don’t like computers, they’re more impressed by how well I do my job. I would be perfectly content to live in Mayberry.

We just bought our retirement camper. This is my next to last tax season. In June 2020, we’re going to hit the road and come back to Asheville whenever we feel like it. We’re going to spend time visiting our 4 children and 5 grandchildren in FL and NH, with stops along the way to visit friends.

After retirement, what are you going to miss most about DHG?

The people. It really is all about the people. DHG hires good people. Friendships develop and remain intact long after DHG.