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Celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Spotlight on Tangmo Thistle


Tangmo Thistle, a spring 2017 intern in DHG’s Norfolk office, sat down with us before returning to school at Old Dominion University to talk about celebrating her heritage during Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Continue reading as she talks about her passion for her heritage and how she is promoting diversity on campus.

You’re very passionate about your heritage, how did you bring that passion to your college campus?

I was nominated as President of the Asian Pacific American Student Union after serving as the finance chair my sophomore year. Our mission is to cultivate diversity and celebrate aspects of everyone’s culture. We have a multi-cultural night on campus with performances, dances, food and games. We’re part of the office of intercultural relations as well as various cultural organizations on campus and we make an effort to collaborate with each other.

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month – will you be doing anything at your school in celebration of the occasion?

This year we were asked by the Norfolk naval base to collaborate with them on an event by putting on performances, providing food and speaking about our culture. I think it’s really important to collaborate and come together as one because we’re a lot stronger together. Once you come together you have this sense of unity, everybody is able to feel like they belong. That’s something we really stress – being comfortable with who you are and embracing it.

What’s the biggest takeaway from your internship experience at DHG?

I recently completed an internship in the Norfolk office as a tax intern. The biggest takeaway for me, being my first internship and the beginning of my career, is it gave me more clarity on what I might want to do down the road. I really want to explore the various aspects of accounting, and this internship helped me figure out the things I do and do not want to do.