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Tips for Fostering an Inclusive Work Environment


DHG has many things planned over the next two months in honor of Black History Month, Women’s History Month and inclusion and diversity across our footprint – stay tuned for more details! We hope to shine a light on our people, their stories and our Life Beyond Numbers culture which focuses on people, careers and flexibility. We’re excited to kick things off by sharing these 10 Tips for Fostering an Inclusive Work Environment.

Embrace uniqueness – When exploring ideas and solutions, seek out the feedback and perspectives of colleagues and clients with different experiences, backgrounds, and expectations.

Avoid assumptions – Ask your colleagues and team members about themselves and their goals with a genuine desire to learn about them on a personal and professional level.

Establish common goals – Focus on what is important to the team and ensure that all members feel involved and are able to contribute by inviting participation, exploring ideas and modeling dialogue during  meetings.

Recognize potential biases – Consider your individual or teams’ automatic thinking or unintentional biases in communications, activities, and development.

Model inclusive behaviors – Establish processes that foster trust and respect and address inappropriate behavior by taking action if issues of disrespect occur.

Create a culture of purpose – Help connect each team member with positivity and purpose in their daily work.

Serve as an advocate – Recognize and promote individuals’ skills, abilities, and experiences, then bring them to the attention of others.

Challenge stereotypes – Identify opportunities to gain exposure to ideas, images, and words that challenge negative stereotypes.

Enhance sociability –  Lessen the potential for social isolation by offering opportunities that foster belonging, collaboration, and engagement.

Encourage transparency – Help others work through differences and challenges by engaging in difficult conversations that display honest sharing, listening, and empathy.