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Career Advancement Doesn't Have to be Cutthroat

Anne CreasyWith busy work and life schedules, seven team members recently gathered in our Tysons, Va. office for a Mid-Atlantic regional marketing meeting.  Taking the time to collaborate together and brainstorm on innovative marketing approaches is what truly energizes us and makes us a solid team. The weather forecast threatened snow, so many of us adjusted our schedules and left a night early to make sure we were able to attend the meeting. We all looked at the meeting as yet another opportunity to work together with a passion to help our markets and regions tell the DHG story to our people, clients and prospects.

As the Regional Communications Manager in the Mid-Atlantic region, I work to keep DHG’s mission, values and brand top-of-mind both internally and externally across our region and marketplaces.  During our team meeting, we challenged each other with what we can improve on and focused on areas where we can implement marketing and communication strategies.  We also laughed, ate good food and parted ways with a few hugs.

While we all live in a virtual world and work together closely over email, phone and video, it’s so refreshing to meet in person and truly connect. DHG invests in our careers and in our lives, especially when we have meetings like this one.  All of us have to juggle our personal and professional lives, but we all work together and are a cohesive team.  I’m so proud to work for a firm that invests in the development of my career and life, while also giving me the opportunity to be flexible when I need to be.

Anne Creasy is a Regional Communications Manager in DHG’s Mid-Atlantic region.  Apart from internal and external communications at DHG, she enjoys spending time in her cul-de-sac watching her daughters ride bikes and sharing life with her family, friends and church community.