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DHG Emerging Leader – Robin Brown


brown2304_8x10headshotRobin Brown, a Lead Consultant in DHG’s Risk Advisory Services practice, was recently named one of the Institute of Internal Auditors 15 Emerging Leaders. This honor recognizes a select group of extraordinary internal auditors with unparalleled innovation, integrity, knowledge and passion. These high-performing thought leaders were featured in the December issue of Internal Auditor magazine, and we recently had a chance to catch up with Robin to talk about the recognition and what it means to be an effective leader.

This is a huge honor! Talk about the Emerging Leader recognition and the criteria for being selected.

Internal Auditor magazine does an emerging leaders article each year where they highlight young, emerging talent within the profession. The young leaders (all under 30) have each made an impact through outreach, advocacy, thought leadership or just in general by helping their immediate company become more innovative and cutting edge. The application is submitted by someone else (mentor, colleague, etc.), and the process itself takes about 3 months. My nomination journey began after attending the 2015 IIA All Star Conference where I was offered an opportunity to participate in a think tank session to give feedback on what the IIA is doing, particularly relating to young professionals. As a result of the feedback I brought to the discussion, I was asked to participate in several IIA videos and was one of four asked to be on camera to talk about young professionals. An IIA North American board member saw the videos before they were published and thought I’d be a great co-presenter for an IIA Conference course he was conducting. He later said we need to nominate you, I think you would be a phenomenal choice.

Were you surprised to be named to this list?

robin-brownI was! When the IIA board member mentioned wanting to nominate me I just thought he was being nice and thoughtful. When he followed up and kept reaching out I knew he was serious. I said ok, let’s do it!

What does being a leader mean to you?

I think an effective leader is someone who can inspire others and be an active listener. Having a leadership role doesn’t necessarily make you a leader. People want to follow and model someone who is confident, competent and willing to grow and adapt. An effective leader takes the time to develop those around them, which is something I focus on with the people I work with closely. I was in their shoes when I was starting my career, so it’s my responsibility to assist them in growing and developing, just as others did for me as I was progressing in my career.

What are some of your hobbies or passions outside the office?

20161001_183501Right now I’m working on finding balance as a new mom and a working professional. Otherwise, I love singing in church, spending time with family and watching trashy reality television after the baby has gone to bed! It’s how I recharge myself. I’m naturally an introvert but I flex as an extrovert all day at the office, so I need time to recharge. I’m also a big movie buff (mostly action and sci-fi) and I’m looking forward to heading to the theater over the holidays to catch up on films I haven’t had a chance to see.

Congratulations to Robin on this impressive recognition! Robin was also featured in the 75th anniversary issue of Internal Auditor magazine in an article titled, “The Millennials are Here.” Speaking of millennials at DHG, Robin said, “We offer opportunities for employees of all ages, all backgrounds, and different roles to have a voice. Everyone’s voice matters and carries equal weight. I never feel as if I can’t share my opinions and ideas with a director or partner.”