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Video Transcript: CEO Matt Snow’s June Town Hall Message


As a way to strengthen relationships, provide strategic updates and continue our conversation around ONE DHG, Town Hall meetings were held in each of our DHG market locations in June. The meetings featured a video message from CEO Matt Snow. A transcript of this video can be found below.

Transcript of Matt Snow’s June Town Hall Message:

Welcome to the June 2017 Town Hall meeting. Whether you are new to DHG or have experienced many town hall meetings, it is important to revisit why we take time to come together twice per year. Town Hall meetings are an important part of our communications strategy with the purpose of bringing clarity to our strategic focus areas, bringing us together to learn about programs, ask questions and strengthen relationships within our teams and markets.

As is tradition at our meetings, let’s begin by revisiting our mission, strategy and values. Our mission is to build valuable careers with our people and to help our clients achieve their goals. We do this by following our DHG strategy which focuses on five key areas – Talent, Leadership, Growth, Service and Performance.  And finally- our values guide all of our actions- Trust, Relationships, Innovation and Passion.

In today’s meeting we are going to focus on several key areas, all in the context of our firm strategy- ONE DHG, the Client Experience, new programs related to our People Strategy and finally an update on our performance for fiscal year 2017 which ended on May 31st.

Our partners began focusing on the concept of “ONE DHG” in the past year. It’s important that all of our people also understand how they can positively embrace and begin to live “ONE DHG.” We can accomplish so much more when we think about the impact of what we do on ALL of DHG, instead of focusing solely on how what we do impacts only ourselves, or a single engagement, or our market, service line or industry…when we set aside geographies and individual engagements and think about how to bring the best talent and resources to our clients…when we think about all of the SERVICES that DHG can bring to bear to our clients…we are then TRULY “greater together” as ONE DHG.  We view our team members, whether sitting across from us or seated far away in another market, as trusted cohorts…all members of the same team, with common goals, a common language, a common way of treating our people and our clients and our DHG alumni…When we embrace and live this over and over, a common, unified commitment to DHG and our people will bring about a greater trust in one another, a longer lasting loyalty among our people that will transcend even your time while you are here at this great firm.  In my mind, Once DHG, Always DHG.

We also will hear an update on the DHG Client Experience project. We introduced you to the Client Experience in our January Town Hall meetings and shared with you the four cornerstones- communication, collaboration, care and commitment. Over the next six months, we will begin developing a benchmark through client surveys to help us prioritize areas of improvement in order to support both our service and growth strategies.

Regarding our people strategy, we have successfully rolled out our redesigned DHG University and our new Performance Enrichment Program. Today, you’ll learn more about how these two programs are connected to help you achieve career success. We’ll also hear about our newly formed IMPACT committees and we’ll learn about our 2017 Count the Cans Food Drive competition, truly a yearly highlight for all of us.

Finally, we will review the results of our fiscal year 2017 and get a glimpse of what we can expect for fiscal 2018.

Thank you for all of the work you do to support our mission. I look forward to seeing you in your market in the near future.