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Honoring Veterans and Members of the Armed Forces This Veterans Day


Serving our country in the U.S. Armed Forces is an important commitment that so many Americans make to ensure we continue to enjoy our freedom. As we honor our servicemen and women for Veterans Day, we are joined by Max Paulson who is a veteran and manager on our Risk Advisory team. He shares how DHG V.E.T.S. Common Interest Group supports veterans and how our DHG teams provide military families and veterans with flexibility.

What is your background serving in the Armed Forces?

I served on active duty in the Army as an Airborne Combat Engineer from 2001 to 2005 and deployed in 2003 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. As the leader of a Combat Engineer squad, our mission was to conduct mobility operations to facilitate friendly troop movements and to clear mines and improvised explosives, while also conducting counter mobility operations to hinder or halt enemy forces movement. We also worked on civil engineering projects such as a runway extension at the Irbil International Airport, road repair projects and conducted security operations in Northern Iraq. After the Army, I moved to Charlotte where I decided to pursue a degree in accounting from UNC-Charlotte, and then I worked in the retail and banking industries in an accounting or audit function prior to joining DHG five years ago.

What are some of the ways the DHG V.E.T.S. Common Interest Group (C.I.G) is making an impact in our markets to recruit and support veterans?

As one of the co-founding members of the DHG V.E.T.S. (Veteran Engagement and Talent Search) Common Interest Group, I have been honored to serve as support in the community to recruit and retain veteran talent at DHG while also participating actively in the local veteran community. Veteran recruiting can be a challenge, and we are continually examining what we can do to improve. Servicemen and women have a special skill set which oftentimes includes leadership experience, so it’s important to take an objective and holistic look at a veteran candidate. Our C.I.G. participates in many military recruiting events and is involved with Veterans Bridge Home, an organization which supports veterans and connects them with job opportunities in and around the Charlotte community.

What are some ways DHG can provide flexibility to veterans as they join or rejoin the workforce?

DHG offers veterans seeking a collaborative, team environment in the workforce a space to learn and grow, both personally and professionally. Our DHG leaders are very supportive of our people, especially veterans, and strive to ensure all of our team members feel valued. DHG provides the flexibility for veterans to spend time with their families and is also very accommodating when special events or circumstances arise. In a way, everyone here is seeking that support and flexibility. If we communicate clearly with our teams and do an excellent job serving our clients, it’s nice to know DHG supports us. Similarly, DHG as a firm can count on its veterans to be flexible for DHG when duty calls and client engagements require more of our time, because veterans know how to put the mission first and ensure mission success.