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Flexibility to Support Her Family and Active Duty Husband


As we recognize Veterans Day and thank those who actively serve or have served our country while in the military, we also recognize family members who support those who serve. Katlyn Godwin is a senior associate and a spouse to an Active Duty service member. She shares how DHG provides her flexibility to be a supportive wife and mother to her family while her husband serves in the Army.  

As a spouse to an Active Duty soldier, what is that like as you work full-time yourself and serve as part of the support system for your husband?

My husband, Ryan is a combat engineer in the Army; however, he is currently serving as a recruiter in Charlotte. We have had a few transitions over the years, and I am so grateful that DHG has been supportive of our family at each stage. When Ryan was in a combat position at Fort Bragg, I worked in our Pinehurst office. He was very busy training in the field and doing late night jumps as he was a paratrooper. I ate dinner alone many nights, but I enjoyed being able to support him. We moved to Charlotte in 2017 for Ryan to be a recruiter for a few years, and I was able to transfer to our Charlotte SouthPark office, which was a really great opportunity for us since we are originally from the Charlotte area. Shortly after we moved, we had our daughter Kathryn in January of 2018.

With my husband having more of a 9 to 5 schedule with his recruiting role, he has been able to be very involved with our family. It’s great having him home for dinner every night. But we will be moving to Colorado – Fort Carson – in March, where he will go back to training as a combat engineer and will potentially be deployed again. My lifestyle will definitely change. After sharing the news of our upcoming change with DHG, I received an offer to become a remote employee. I will work for the Charlotte office remotely from Colorado in order to be able to take care of my daughter and family.

How is DHG supporting veterans and what are some ways you are involved with the DHG V.E.T.S Common Interest Group?

I joined the DHG V.E.T.S. Common Interest Group recently, so I have not had the opportunity to participate in any activities yet but look forward to doing so. On September 11th, the group took advantage of a volunteer opportunity for the USO golf tournament, which my husband played in along with his co-workers. I also recently received an email from another office sent to the V.E.T.S group from someone seeking veterans who can work on a potential military affiliated engagement. There are many other volunteer opportunities and more potential to gain new clients based on our work with veterans.

How does your team provide you the flexibility you need to be supportive of your family?

DHG has been very flexible with my schedule every step of the way. When I worked in Pinehurst and my husband was stationed at Fort Bragg, there were always events that we were expected to attend. I was able to tailor my schedule around my husband’s schedule so I could ensure I had time off for special events. DHG has really been supportive of me while starting a family and knowing that Army life so often has to come first. There are times Ryan has been away at training for weeks at a time so I have had to have a flexible schedule in order to be able to take our daughter to and from preschool or be able to stay home when she is sick. During busy season I have had flexibility to be able to go home at a decent time in order to take care of her and hop back on my computer at home later in the evening to complete my work. After moving to Colorado my role will change somewhat, and I will be on a reduced schedule, however I will have the opportunity to come back to Charlotte for training and to meet with clients as needed. The flexibility to be a remote employee is incredible and makes me feel like I can still be a part of the DHG family.