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Why the NABA National Convention Inspired Me


Ric SinordoLast month, I attended my first National Association of Black Accountant’s (NABA) National Convention.  Since this was my first time attending, I didn’t know what to expect! We’ve all been to those conventions and conferences where you’re fighting to stay awake because the topics are a bit generic and dry. However, this was not one of those times!

The convention was full of great speakers, thought-provoking sessions, opportunities to network, an opportunity to recruit for DHG, and even a black tie awards gala where DHG accepted the NABA Corporate Diversity Award! While there, it seemed that my itinerary had actually doubled in the number of sessions and activities that I took part in, but I enjoyed every minute of it. First up on my itinerary was the Aspiring Leaders Development Institute, a two-day program offered before the opening general session. In those two days, we discussed several topics that support the growth of aspiring leaders, such as myself.

Two of my favorite topics were discussions on “Understanding Your Personal Style” and “Successfully Navigating the Corporate Landscape.” I was inspired to hear that you don’t necessarily have to “conform” to what’s considered the norm or mainstream to build a successful career…that you should use your individual uniqueness to your advantage, maintain authenticity and use what’s special about you to catapult yourself into leadership. This is where I believe embracing diversity plays a role.

Oftentimes, diversity is simply thought of as how a group of people differ from one another, whether those differences are found in race, gender or culture. What gets lost amongst the idea of diversity are the individual talents and experiences that can be harnessed into various ideas or points of view in developing business strategies to meet the needs of clients’ evolving markets and demands.

Prior to the NABA National Convention, I understood the impact of diversity within a company, its staff, and its leadership. However, during the Convention, something else internally took place. My understanding of the impact of diversity evolved into an inspiration to promote diversity. At the beginning of the NABA National Convention I asked myself, “What can I do to promote diversity in the workplace and in my own field? I’m not an executive, nor do I own a company.” In the end, I told myself, “Promoting diversity starts with you.” As I further my career, I will be sure to inquire of leadership to locate diversity advocates, inspire others to promote diversity and not be afraid to have those uncommon conversations. I also plan to play a role in firm diversity initiatives, and DHG is a great place to start.

Ric Sinordo is a Risk Advisory Senior Consultant in the Atlanta office.  A native of Fort Lauderdale, FL, Ric is an avid Miami Heat fan who spends his free time working out, attending local food and music festivals, and traveling with his beautiful wife Adeline.