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The Top Three Takeaways from People Camp



Going into my first week with DHG, I was bombarded by advice from family and friends about how to prepare for an internship and a career in accounting. Ultimately, the advice from my loved ones fell flat once I arrived in Charlotte and realized that the goal of People Camp (DHG’s intern orientation) was very different from what I had originally anticipated.

In my mind, People Camp was going to be an intense week of training packed to the brim with lecturers preparing me for the various duties I would be taking on over the next several weeks. While our days did consist of lessons on audit and tax software, I took away much more than just the fundamentals of computer systems from People Camp.

Take Away #1:  Get to know the other interns from your office

When you are spending a week with one hundred people you have never met, it is easy to get caught up in shaking hands and exchanging introductions with as many people as possible. In the course of the week, make time to get to know the other interns from your office and begin to develop real friendships.

Take Away #2: Ask as many questions as it takes to understand the material

The idea of not being afraid to ask for help is a major topic of discussion during People Camp. When several different speakers stressed the importance of asking questions on the first day, I honestly did not imagine that their advice would apply to me. I worked hard in school and made good grades in all of my classes, so I expected to be prepared for the position I was walking into; I could not have been more wrong. During my first session of technical training at People Camp, I realized I knew nothing about the software I would be using and immediately took the speakers’ advice more seriously. Now, a few weeks into my internship, I have probably asked more than one hundred questions and have learned more than I originally thought possible.

Take Away #3: A good attitude goes a long way

A good attitude and a willingness to learn are the key ingredients to a successful internship. It is simple, but true!

Emily Trawick is a student at Mississippi State University. She was born and raised in Memphis, TN and is currently interning in the Memphis Office. Hail State & Go Grizz!