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Seizing the Opportunity to Shine – My DHG Intern Experience


Briana Person is an Assurance Intern at DHG and attends Saint Augustine’s University where she is pursuing a degree in accounting. She shares some ways  inclusion and diversity is a part of DHG’s culture and what businesses can do to have a more inclusive workplace. Briana is a 2020 National Association of Black Accountants scholarship recipient. 

What can businesses do to have a more inclusive workplace environment?

In my eyes, I believe businesses can increase their inclusive workplace environment by educating themselves on diversity within the workplace. Requiring professional development course offerings will help to ensure employees and partners learn how to better manage diverse groups. Besides educating, simply embracing diverse cultures and employee differences are crucial. I feel that reaching out more to diverse schools will be a great way to have a more inclusive workplace. HBCU (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) schools will be a great target through NABA (National Association of Black Accountants.)

What is DHG doing well in the area of inclusion and diversity? Are there any examples of ways you’ve felt welcomed and included during your team experiences? 

I absolutely loved CEO Matt Snow’s discussion on the social injustice and how the firm is taking initiative in these matters. You do not see that a lot in firms. I really appreciated that. DHG showed me that it is beyond a firm but is truly a family. I never felt so welcomed. With receiving the NABA Scholarship Award, I heard from so many people congratulating me on my success. Everyone is so willing to help you during this virtual internship and that makes me feel very included in the activities that were held during this internship.

How has being a part of NABA helped you as you launch your career?

NABA has motivated me to be goal oriented. I pushed to excel in my career as an accountant to break the small percentage of Blacks in the accounting field. NABA helped shape my way of networking to those all over and assisted in giving me opportunities to intern at various firms.

What advice do you have for future DHG interns?

My advice for future DHG interns is to come in open-minded and willing to not be afraid to ask questions. This is the perfect opportunity to ask those in positions how they got there and in what ways you can duplicate that with your own experience. Be confident and network. The people you see now will be helpful as you grow in your career so take advantage of connecting on LinkedIn.