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Photo Contest Winners: Busy Season Stress Relief


Photo Contest

What do you do to kick stress to the curb during the accounting busy season? Do you channel your inner Michael Jordan on the basketball court? Do you roll up your sleeves and whip up a batch of Martha Stewart-worthy chocolate chip cookies? Or maybe you just take a few minutes to read a page or two of a good book…

Those are the questions we asked our people, because we wanted to see all of their unique, calming and calorie-blasting ideas! Now that busy season is behind us, it’s time to share our winning photos in these categories: Most Creative  Most Calming, Best Way to Burn Calories, Best Intern Photo, People’s Choice and GRAND PRIZE WINNER.

Without further ado, here they are…

Photo Contest Winners

Most Creative: Paintball

Most Calming: Spa Day

Best Way to Burn Calories: Running

Best Intern Photo: Escape Room

People’s Choice: Office Ping Pong

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Live Music Photography

Stay tuned for our next DHG photo contest!