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Overcoming Fear and Not Being Afraid to be Awesome!


Janessa Harkley is a summer intern in DHG’s High Point office. In searching for internships and thinking about where she wanted to go in her career she learned to appreciate the importance of overcoming fear, which for her was fear of networking and meeting new people. Continue reading as she encourages herself (and you!) to branch out and “be awesome!”

What does fear mean to you, how would you describe it?

For me, fear is being afraid to tap into your full potential – overthinking things and coming up with reasons why you can’t do something. When you overcome fear, you’re courageous enough to go after the things that you really want.

Why is it important to overcome fear?

In order to really reap the benefits of my career and all of the learnings and knowledge I will gain from it, I need to be confident and I need to overcome fear. For me, and I would imagine many others like me who are just starting out in their careers, I need to stop being scared. I need to go out and be awesome, so I can be successful and then help others tap into their potential. One of my favorite quotes on overcoming fear comes from former President Obama, “You have the ability and gifts to do whatever you want. It is your turn now to change the world.” You already have the potential to be great, now it’s up to you to overcome fear and be willing to go out there and not worry about what anyone else thinks.

Talk about an occasion or two when you have overcome fear?

My freshman year in college I had a fear of networking with people. I wasn’t as active in my department as I maybe should have been because I was scared. I was always in the background but I would allow other people to take the lead. My sophomore year I said to myself, “If you want an internship then you need to get out there and start networking.” The only way to get an internship is to network and I had to stop overthinking and worrying about saying the right things. I realized that I needed to allow myself to just be me. From that point forward I made an effort to stop being so shy and decided to be the outgoing person that I knew I could be. That new motivation and mindset ultimately led to my internship at DHG. I met Kim Bullard, one of the DHG recruiters, and from that point forward it’s been amazing.

You are one of our social media ambassadors for the summer! Were you excited to be chosen?

Yes! I wasn’t so sure how people would react to me taking photos of them, but they have been very receptive and I have been taking lots of fun photos in our office.

You also recently experienced DHG Launch, our weeklong orientation program for interns. What were your thoughts on the whole experience?

I loved Launch. I felt like I was on vacation a little bit. I met a lot of great people, which was my favorite part. We’ve stayed connected throughout our internship.

Janessa Harkley is an intern in DHG’s High Point office. In the fall she will return to NC A&T State University for her senior year. She enjoys shopping, photography (she has a side business shooting events, candid photos and videography!), hanging out with family and traveling.