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My DHG Internship Experiences: Gaining Confidence for a Career in Accounting


My name is Kacy Decatur, and I am a returning intern in DHG’s Tysons, Virginia office. This past May, I graduated from Christopher Newport University, and this fall I am headed off to the University of South Carolina for my Master’s in Accounting. Since my sophomore year in high school, I have known that accounting is the career path for me, so finally being able to experience the field has been incredibly fulfilling.

DHG Intern Outing at a Nats Game

Throughout the summer, many DHG employees have asked me what it’s like interning for the second time and how it compares to my previous DHG internship. I think that question can be answered in one word: confidence. The primary purpose of an internship is to gain exposure in a field and company in which you are interested. Because I already knew I wanted to focus on accounting, my first internship was to determine if DHG was the company I wanted to be working for (and clearly I do!); however, having a second go-around at the internship has helped solidify which path I would like to specialize in – audit. As my guide, Kory Smigocki, Senior Associate, says, “this isn’t my first rodeo.” I started my second internship with DHG with more confidence in requesting work and seeking to understand how the tasks I do impact the overall project. Something fulfilling about this being my second exposure to auditing is that I have been able to work on some of the same clients as last summer and even some of the same workpapers. This summer I definitely understand the work I’m doing more, and I have also been able to take on more challenging assignments without being nervous!


DHG Pancake Breakfast!

Both of my summer internships have been in audit so I thought it would be interesting to research the tax field further to gain some exposure to that service line. In addition to watching a webinar on the new tax reform law, I asked Brittany Bethea, a tax Associate, a few questions to further understand what DHG is offering to help prepare employees to understand tax reform. Brittany explained that though the tax reform has not impacted her current work, as of this January, it will be a different story. She mentioned that DHG offers a biweekly webinar series as well as CPE training to help prepare employees for the new changes impacting 2018 returns. Because Brittany works with a wide range of clients, from small size to large, and from local to international, she mentioned that the tax reform will have different implications for each client. Overall, it seems that DHG is doing anything and everything to prepare its employees for the upcoming impacts of the tax reform. It is refreshing to hear such optimism from Brittany regarding the changes.


Count the Cans Intern Can Structure

DHG has a culture that embraces change, which is a big part of the reason I knew I wanted to work at the firm when first exposed to DHG during my sophomore year. Not only does the company offer a flex-dress policy that allows you to dress for your day, but it also gives employees the opportunity to be exposed to different clients, industries and services. For example, just this summer, I have been exposed to both audit consulting and tax work. DHG allows the flexibility to change paths based on your interests, and encourages you to take on a wide variety of opportunities. Overall, the culture of change shows that DHG cares about its employees because of how the firm also changes with current times.

I can’t believe that the summer is almost over, but it has definitely been a great learning experience and it has helped me prepare for the future. I’ll see you in October 2019 when I am back full-time!