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Military Appreciation Month: The Bravest Woman I Know


Alisha Churchill and sister

Alisha ChurchillFor National Military Appreciation Month I would like to honor the bravest woman I know…

At 18-years-old, she enlisted in the Unites States Marine Corps where she trained in Aircraft Maintenance.  It wasn’t long before she was sent on tour to Iraq where she spent her days in a hangar and out on the flight line repairing and maintaining aircrafts to have them ready for the next mission.  Through consistent hard work and high performance, she earned herself a spot in the MECEP program, which granted her full tuition to the University of South Carolina and her eventual commission as officer.

Alisha Churchill sisterUpon graduation, this brave woman was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant and set her sights on flight school.  She wanted to fly the machines that she had spent so many hours repairing in Iraq.  She was accepted into the extremely competitive and challenging Marine Corps flight program where she graduated number one in her class.  As a result of her outstanding performance, she was allowed to choose her own aircraft.  Without hesitation she chose to fly the AH-1W Super Cobra – the Marines Corps attack helicopter.  A few months later she was promoted to Captain.  She has since been on tour in Japan, returned, and is now training in an undisclosed location in the desert.

As a woman in the military, she has overcome great odds to reach her current status.  She continues to dedicate herself to our country with more integrity, pride and courage than I have ever seen in another person.  I could not be more proud to have this honorable and brave woman as my little sister.

Alisha is a Senior Associate in the Charlotte, NC office with more than seven years of public accounting experience. Alisha specializes in the area of ASC 740 tax provision audit, review and preparation and has extensive experience in corporate tax federal and state compliance serving large, multinational corporate companies.