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How DHG Gives Me Flexibility in a Time of Need


Gomon Family

JennieGomonThe last couple weeks have been an emotional roller coaster, but throughout this extremely tough time, DHG has shown me great flexibility during a time when I’ve needed to be flexible for my family.

I would like to thank DHG for the unbelievable support I received this past year through various efforts to give back to me and my family.  I’ve received emotional support, PTO donations, and meals.  I truly appreciate the assurance that DHG allows me by giving me flexibility and helping me through this challenging time.

Out of the blue in August last year, my husband Mike had a full-body seizure and was taken to the ER. Then followed numerous doctor appointments, tests, and screenings in an effort to find out what caused the seizure. Mike was ordered not to drive due to the risk of another seizure, so I had to drive him to his doctor appointments, care for our family and pick up our one-year-old son. Meanwhile, there was a September 15th tax deadline upon us. Many of my DHG peers took on some of my workload, which afforded me the flexibility to take care of my family.

Two weeks later Mike’s first MRI showed a small mass in his brain. At the end of September he had brain surgery to remove it. The mass that was removed turned out to be a tumor. At that point, I was looking at my 7.5 hours of remaining PTO and asking if there was something DHG could do to help. The support quickly began pouring in through donated and shared PTO by my colleagues. This was such an incredible response and I am so grateful!  I was able to work from home while my husband recovered from the surgery and was undergoing the chemo and radiation treatments.

DHG was flexible with me during a tremendous time of need and allowed me to be flexible too – work my own hours and schedule when I was able to, whether on weeknights or weekends.

Everything was going well. We started the routine of monthly doctor visits preceded by MRIs and followed with five days of chemo re-treatment. The MRIs showed the mass increasing, but we were assured that this was a response to treatment and we should wait on treatment progress.

Finally, three weeks ago, doctors gave up, saying that the tumor was growing and that the current treatment was not working. We are currently faced with quite a few choices of clinical trials, and most of them require a repeat surgery.  Nevertheless, I am so grateful DHG gives me the flexibility I need while I support my husband and family.  I have no doubt that DHG and my colleagues in Metro DC will continue to support me.