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Exploring a Career with DHG NEAR


Janessa Harkley is a Campus Recruiter for DHG NEAR. She shares the following insights about exploring a career with the DHG NEAR team. 

• A glimpse into a career with DHG NEAR
• How DHG NEAR team members make an important impact at DHG
• A typical day recruiting for DHG NEAR

What is DHG NEAR and why is this team so important to what we do at DHG?

DHG NEAR is a centralized, shared service team based in High Point, North Carolina. The NEAR team assists DHG’s tax, assurance and advisory service line teams by performing tasks that are low risk, repetitive, administrative and non-judgmental in nature.

With an economical billing rate, our clients benefit when we involve NEAR team members on engagements. At other accounting firms this work may be outsourced to employees in other countries, but the NEAR team is a responsive, local team that is a strong part of our overall DHG approach to excellent client service.

DHG NEAR allows our new audit or tax associates to focus on more challenging work so they can grow in their careers. In turn, DHG NEAR team members receive a great professional opportunity and glimpse into what public accounting is like.

What is a day or week like for you recruiting for DHG NEAR?

This past fall we had a heavy recruiting season to hire DHG NEAR roles to serve our audit and tax service lines. I attend events at our target community colleges and universities and often schedule interviews for full time associate positions and internships throughout the week.

Our team seeks candidates who have completed an Associate degree or who are currently pursuing one. Recently we hosted a Q&A panel with our NEAR team in accounting classes at one of our target schools as a way to raise awareness about career opportunities and show the students the impact of working at DHG on their careers. I also meet with professors to build relationships and raise awareness about our hiring needs for NEAR.

When someone joins the NEAR team, what are some interesting aspects of their job?

Most of our team members are not client-facing, and they help our own internal DHG engagement teams. The opportunity is also there for those that may want to serve clients on a limited basis. Recently we had team members travel to serve clients in Atlanta and New York. Other team members are excited to participate in DHG IMPACT committee activities that are organized to serve our community and rally our team members together.

What is the most rewarding part about being a recruiter?

Giving a person an opportunity to get their foot in the door with a great firm and to jump start their career is very rewarding. Whether NEAR team members stay with the firm or move on to new opportunities, it’s great to see them blossom.

My goal is to have a positive impact on others’ lives. I witness that purpose and meaning to my work each day when I see careers begin, grow and thrive.

Janessa Harkley is a Campus Recruiter for DHG NEAR. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, binge watching Netflix shows, shopping, going to concerts, improving her photography skills, and recording content for her YouTube channel.