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Equipping DHG Interns for Our Careers and Everyday Life


You work at an accounting firm? You must be good with numbers…” – The line many of us have heard more times than we care to count.

My name is Kaylee Ewing, and I am a Management Information Systems and Marketing double major at The University of Georgia (UGA). I spent my early college days at a small college in rural, South Georgia before transferring into one of the largest universities in the nation. As one would imagine, it was quite a change. Perhaps the largest transition was walking past hundreds of students each day and not recognizing a single one of them.

This quickly changed as I became more involved at UGA, but it took effort on my part to join organizations and make new friends on campus. I learned a valuable lesson during this transition – bigger is not always better. Now, if you’re thinking I regret transferring to UGA, you would be wrong. (Go Dawgs!) However, I realized something about myself during the transition; I thrive in smaller atmospheres where I can make deep-rooted connections.

A couple friends of mine had interned with DHG previously, and they just couldn’t say enough wonderful things about the company and their people motto – Life Beyond Numbers. I must admit when I first heard the saying I thought, “Sure, that looks great on the website, but what accounting firm really knows anything but numbers?” I have never been so happy to have been proved wrong.

Life Beyond Numbers is a mindset and a lifestyle that is practiced every day at DHG. My decision to intern at this company was based largely off of the people I met and their well-balanced lifestyles!

DHG LAUNCH (Intern Orientation) Week: 

When I pulled my car up to the Omni Hotel in Charlotte, I must admit, I didn’t really know what to expect from Launch. We were sent an agenda a week prior to the conference, but we all know those are only so descriptive. By the end of the week, I had made numerous friends, learned more about DHG as a company, but perhaps most importantly, I experienced DHG’s Life Beyond Numbers culture.

Throughout the week, we attended communication seminars, technical training classes and ate a lot! One of my favorite sessions included learning about The DISC Personality Profile Test and exploring how to use that knowledge to better communicate within the workplace and at home. The details of each personality type are fascinating, and it’s important to understand organizations need all the different personality types working together in every branch to be successful, but I won’t claim to be an expert. To learn more about the test, your personality type, and bettering your communication methods, check here.

While personal and professional growth is such important facets of our lives at DHG, the event that stuck out to me the most was the Wonder Wagon Community Service Event. During this portion of Launch, we were grouped into teams and charged with completing challenges to earn the individual parts of a red, Radio Flyer wagon. After a couple of hours of completing team building activities, we had assembled the little red wagons and filled them to the brim with outdoor toys such as kites, chalk, and pool gear.

At the end of the event, the facilitator said, “These wagons will be going to children in the Charlotte Community who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford outdoor toys this summer. Can you all imagine the look on these kids’ faces when they see these overflowing wagons?” She paused, and then a moment later said, “But, what if you didn’t have to imagine?!” At that moment, the doors to the conference room swung wide and more than a dozen 5-year-old children rushed the front of the space to find their personalized Radio Flyer wagon. It was such a special, tender moment for all in attendance.

The Main Takeaway

DHG is focused on equipping interns in every area of their lives. Be it health, financial planning, technical training, community service, or continued education, DHG has a program in place to ensure you are living your best and healthiest life.

Thank you to DHG, the Executive Leadership Team, and the staff at DHG’s numerous locations for championing the Life Beyond Numbers culture in all that you do.

To Future Interns

Unfortunately, DHG won’t let you sign a full-time offer at Launch even though, if given the chance, you’d have a pen out and ready to go!

Don’t stress about the trip to Charlotte; everyone on the DHG University (DHGU) Team is prepared to equip you for your unique internship journey no matter what service line you’re in.

Learn as much as you can, and take notes! (Even if others around you are not.)

Connect with the speakers on LinkedIn. Be sure to take physical or mental notes of the things the speaker covered and reach out to them. Networking isn’t slimy- it’s an important part of business. Start practicing that now.

Have fun! Don’t take yourself too seriously; we are all just interns finding our way around in the wonderful world of DHG.