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DHG People Spotlight: Stacey Ford


Stacey Ford and Family

Stacey FordName: Stacey Ford

Hometown: King George, VA

Family/Pets: Husband: CW3 James Ford, Jr., Daughter:  Jaimee (Junior and Nursing major at Old Dominion University), Dog: Diesel, 3-year-old Yorkie

DHG Office Location: Richmond, VA

How long have you been with DHG? 10 years

DHG is celebrating Military Appreciation Month in May, what does this month of celebration and appreciation mean to you as the spouse of someone fighting for our country? This month provides an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices of our military men and women and to honor them for their courage and commitment to our country; shining a light on our heroes so they know that the very important work they do in protecting our country does not go unnoticed. It is also a time to recognize the military families who stand in support of their soldiers during countless deployments and at-home missions.

You recently won NABA Richmond’s “Chapter Member of the Year” award. First of all, congratulations! How long have you been involved with NABA and what are some favorite NABA activities or initiatives that you have been involved in?  I have been involved with NABA since 2012, when DHG attended its very first national NABA convention in Phoenix, AZ. My favorite NABA activities are the community service efforts and the student chapter professional information series, where the members of the professional chapter provide coaching and training to the members of the student chapters on topics such as, “From Student to Professional” and “Successful Interviewing.” It was very gratifying to receive the honor of “Chapter Member of the Year,”because I enjoy being a part of the work that NABA does and living the organization’s motto, “Lifting As We Climb.” I really didn’t think about how much of a positive impact what I did had on others.  It was what Oprah would call a “feel good” moment.”

How has DHG changed since you started with the firm? I started with Goodman and Company and was a part of the merger with Dixon Hughes, so I have seen many changes. I have seen the firm’s growth in numbers (size/employees) and the development of our firm administration teams, who work together seamlessly behind the scenes for DHG’s employees. I have watched the firm blossom into the well-oiled machine that it is and into what I consider to be the best workplace ever!

What is one word you would use to describe DHG: Family

What is the best part about your job? Meeting young aspiring professionals who are excited about the opportunity to become a part of our firm.

Stacey Ford - PaintingHow do you enjoy your free time, your Life Beyond Numbers? I enjoying cooking and creating new recipes for my family and friends. I also enjoy entertaining at home, which involves decorating by theme for each event or social gathering. There is always a reason to celebrate! AND I enjoy binge watching HGTV.

If you weren’t working at DHG, what would you be doing? Interior Design

In May we look forward to the annual DHG Leadership Conference. Talk a little bit about your role in planning the conference and what can attendees expect this year? As a recruiting team member I am on-site at the conference to help our recruits navigate through the process. I help make introductions so they are meeting our leadership and spending time getting to know the people in the market they are interested in working in down the road. I also answer questions on all things DHG.