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School: Virginia Commonwealth University

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Family, friends, pets: I am the middle child of five daughters. My family is large (I’m 1 of 17 grandchildren!) and insanely close. I have a rather large group of friends between school and the many jobs I’ve held over the years. I don’t have any pets and I am slightly judgmental towards cats.

What are three words you would use to describe DHG? Family-Oriented, solid and growth

What is the best part about your job at DHG? I truly enjoy the learning process. When I first begin a task that I am unsure of I go through different stages. First is anxiety, next there is uncovering, then finally understanding. The understanding makes everything else worth it.

Favorite social media app and why? YouTube, because there is literally nothing that you cannot learn on YouTube. I’ve even searched “How to Clean a Room” and learned so much!

Tell us about your Life Beyond Numbers: I am truly a homebody and I love watching Netflix, I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, and most importantly I enjoy spending time at Target (I never need a reason to go).

How do you beat busy season stress? So far I have been trying to take each task one at a time. I appreciate being able to cross items off my checklist.

If you weren’t working in accounting, what would you be doing? If I was not in accounting I would likely be a famous YouTube beauty blogger. There is something so satisfying about making videos of yourself talking to a camera and people actually tuning in to watch that.