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DHG Partners with the Young Black Leadership Alliance for a Summer Co-Op


During the month of July we partnered with the Young Black Leadership Alliance to offer a Co-Op in our Charlotte market for local high school students. The goal of the 4-week program (with students working 2 days per week) was to expose the students to public accounting and the various service lines within DHG. Their curriculum included rotations with the Tax, Audit, Transaction Services, Valuation, Internal Accounting, Digital Marketing and Digital Technology Services teams. Continue reading as Angel, Cameron, Janylah, Justin and Nate talk about their experience at DHG and their thoughts on the world of accounting.

How did you learn about the Co-Op opportunity?

Cameron: I met Trey Ackerman (Charlotte Market Managing Partner) at a YBLA meeting at the Charlotte Chamber. I started talking to him and got to know some of the other DHG employees. I continued to network with them over time and built new connections that ultimately led to me being asked to participate in the Co-Op. It shows that hard work pays off.

Nate: John Martin, YBLA CEO and founder, chose me as a participant based on my major (I’m planning to major in business when I start college in the fall). From there, I submitted a cover letter and resume to complete the application process.

How have you been immersed in the day-to-day at DHG?

Janylah: Each week we’re in a different area (tax, audit, etc.) and we’re paired up different DHG employees. We’ve been helping with engagements and we’ve been included on conference calls and meetings. Each week I learn so much more about that particular focus area.

What’s been the best part about the experience?

Janylah: Learning about all of the technology. Before this experience, I didn’t realize that to further your career you really have to be somewhat technology focused. I learned that I need to be more knowledgeable about technology and programs that help you do your job more efficiently, like Excel, rather than being so notepad and pen focused.

Angel: I’d like to go into graphic design, so it was nice to meet Nikki Villagomez with the DHG Creative Studio, she gave me great advice on schools and programs to look into.

Cameron: I really enjoyed my time with Charlotte partner Keith Giddens. He had me join a conference call with him to experience how it works. He was talking about bringing in a new client and I got to listen as he and his team set a game plan and a strategy for communicating to the client the many opportunities and services that DHG could offer them.

What’s been the most surprising part?

Janylah: I thought accounting was strictly math, so I initially kind of erased it from my plan and said it’s not for me. I’ve now learned that it’s more focused on general principles and applying those principles to things, not necessarily just crunching numbers.

Nate: I was surprised by how each of the groups within DHG flow together. Each of the teams have their own projects, but everyone is connected and everyone works together as one team to complete the tasks and generate success. I envisioned some big office with a bunch of people lined up working on their own, that’s not DHG.

Angel: I didn’t realize there were so many different services, all coming together to work as one big family. Everyone has been so nice and welcoming to all of us. I thought in accounting you’re stuck staring at a grey wall and a computer screen all day, but here, people have lives. They travel, they’re flexible in their schedules, and they have a life away from the office.

The YBLA Mission:

The Young Black Leadership Alliance’s mission is to develop young black men and women into 21st century Leaders by exposing them to positive leadership models, equipping them to be spiritually grounded to make a difference within humanity, and empowering them to become competent leaders with a passion for lifelong learning. Target students in the program are 14 to 18 who exhibit leadership skills and who are reachable and teachable.