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DHG Intern Spotlight: Reagan Scott’s Selfless Donation


Reagan Scott began her internship with DHG on January 6, 2020. What most people do not know is that just a few weeks prior to joining DHG, Reagan donated a kidney to a person in need who was a total stranger to her.

Reagan saw a mother’s plea for a kidney donor for her son – a stranger – on social media and Reagan quickly started the process to see if she could be a match. Reagan started a long journey with countless appointments to see if she was eligible, and mentally and physically able to donate an organ all while balancing her workload as a student in the Mississippi State Master of Accountancy program.

When asked about the selfless act, Reagan told the Bulldog Ledger, “I decided I didn’t want to hoard my organs,” she shares.  “I didn’t want to have the attitude that, ‘I might need this kidney later, so I’m going to let you die because of the smaller chance I might need it in the future.’”

Reagan was recognized with the Dean’s Excellence Award and is only the tenth student to receive the honor. She will be joining the DHG Tax team in Memphis in October 2021. Read more about her story here.



(Photos: Meagan Bean)