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DHG Gives: Ask Yourself Why


Akilah Garvin in the community

AkilahLast week I was at a gathering with some friends and the subject of volunteering came up in conversation. “My time is too sparse,” said one friend. “I just need to focus on myself right now.” I found this amusing, as it was coming from a woman that is constantly giving, but it really got me thinking – why do we give back? We have client requests, family obligations, weddings, soccer practice, baby showers, school drop-off, grocery shopping; the list is never-ending. How do we decipher which priorities take precedence? Where do we invest our energy?

I remember reading an article that said the physical act of giving back triggers your sympathetic nervous system, providing a calming feeling. Perhaps sharing your passion and kindness with the world has the same effect on your overall life, and maybe this is why we make the choice to tack yet another thing onto our busy schedules.

The act of giving back can be expressed in countless ways. A warm hello to someone in the elevator, donating money to those in need, allowing cars to merge into traffic, lending advice to a friend… all of these are acts of kindness…hence giving back. With Count the Cans currently taking place at DHG, our annual firm-wide food drive, you may be wondering: does this one canned good item really make a difference? The answer to that is simple: YES. Absolutely. And even though this campaign only lasts 10 days, there are various ways in which you can lend a helping hand in our communities all year long.

It is important to understand how much value there is in sharing your kindness and willingness to give back. Kindness may be best expressed as a state of mind, and it becomes contagious if everyone contributes. DHG has provided an opportunity for you to see the direct results of just how amazing one simple gesture can be, and the people who witness your impact will be touched by what you do. From giving money and time, to the way in which you communicate with friends, family, and DHG team members, the ripple effect of kindness is far-reaching and well worth the extra time.

Akilah Garvin is a Senior Associate in the Charlotte, NC office. She is responsible for managing the Charlotte market’s communications efforts and increasing DHG’s presence in the Charlotte community. Akilah is a new mom and enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, Ruby Joy.