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DHG Careers: My First Day as a DHG Intern


Image of Jacob Reeves

Now into my second internship with DHG, I am finding myself more at home than ever with my co-workers. Back in the summer of 2015, when I first started at the DHG office in Newport News, we had the typical Human Resources orientation and introduction to firm values in the morning. However, as soon as that was over, I keyed the trial balance for the high school I would be auditing the next day! Brittney, the associate who guided me through my first internship, was there showing me all of the nooks and crannies of the software: how to format, which formulas to use, and even tips on how to find any typos. Then, I had to prep all of the papers we would be taking out into the field so we knew what to test. By the end of the day, I knew I would doing more than just getting coffee for the office.

With such a quick start on my first day over the summer, I was not surprised when after being in the office for twenty minutes this January (for my second DHG internship), I was already preparing a partnership tax return. This one, while still simple, was more complicated than the ones I had done in the classroom.  Luckily, People Camp training made me familiar enough with the software to figure out where all of the numbers should go. After mostly finishing the return, I called the senior associate back over to look at it. She worked with me to get some of the expenses I couldn’t allocate to balance into the income statement, but she was impressed that I had followed along with the 263A deduction schedule she forgot was a part of the return! With that quick of a start back to work, I’m excited for the rest of my internship as tax season picks up and the returns become more complicated. I know that even though it will be challenging, my co-workers will always be there to help me, just like they were on my first day.

Jacob is a tax intern in the Newport News office this spring.  Currently a senior at Christopher Newport University, he is studying both accounting and economics.  In what little spare time he has, Jacob enjoys reading books and swimming laps at the pool.