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Celebrating the Class of 2020!


Graduation may look a little different this year with virtual ceremonies and drive-by celebrations, but that does not take away the significance of this life milestone.

As the Class of 2020 transitions to their next chapter, we asked DHG leaders to share their advice for graduates.

As you’ll see from the advice below, never give up, say yes as often as you can and enjoy every step of the way. Best of luck to the Class of 2020!


Adam Roark, Assurance Innovation and Methodology Director

“My advice is to pursue your goals and be adaptable. Often it isn’t how you act, but how you react that can be the defining measure of success. Adversity will happen. Life will happen. Goals and dreams will change. Be flexible and open minded to those changes, and adapt.”

Janessa Harkley, Campus Recruiter

“Do not allow these unprecedented times to dim your light or stop your greatness. Continue to let your light shine brightly and do big and great things. As someone once told me, ‘You are built for this, now go out there and capitalize on this situation!’”

Kate Stewart, Tax Operations Leader

“Say yes to as often as you can. Say yes to an assignment, lunch, networking opportunity, volunteering or social outing.  It’s the best way to meet people and immerse yourself in a new city.”

Liz Gantnier, Partner in Professional Standards Group

“Be curious, be engaged and be happy. Life and work can be challenging but it is also fun, IF you allow it to be.  Choose happy, choose curious, choose enjoying what you do.”

Lori Haley, Market Managing Partner

“Live YOUR life and be true to yourself in all you do.  Find your why, your passion and challenge yourself each day.  Above all, practice kindness to everybody each and every day.”

Samantha Reeves, Director of Learning and Development (DHG University)

“Start good financial habits early. Even though you’re going to make more money than you have in the past, live as though you’re still in college and save, save, save. Remember to splurge on occasion (you deserve it) but keep living frugally as often as possible. You’ll be thankful you did once you have accumulated months of expenses for emergency purposes.”

Tricia Wilson, Regional Managing Partner

“Go for it. Never be afraid to fail! The only real mistake you will ever make is the one you don’t learn from. And when you do fail, embrace it and own it.”