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Michael Audit - Fathers Day

This weekend we celebrate all of our hardworking DHG dads and their dedication to Life Beyond Numbers. In recognition of Father’s Day, we wanted to hear from dads about what the special role means to them. We asked, “How has being a father changed you?” and “What is the most important thing you’ve learned from your kids?”

Here’s what some of our DHG dads had to say:

Gary Thomson“The impact of how my beautiful daughter changed my life cannot be put into a few words, but I’ll try. For 25 years and 8 months she has been a wonderful blessing. She has given me balance, made me aware of how everything I do reflects on my family and made me love in a new and deeper way. Much more than that, she’s a great friend. From sports and religion to politics and travel, you name it, I love doing it all with her and, of course, her mom (my wife). Every morning begins with a text exchange to my now-married daughter that goes something like this: “Good morning buddy. Have a great day. I love you!” Within a little while I get back: “Good morning. I love you too.” The day can now begin! – Gary Thomson, Regional Managing Partner, Mid-Atlantic Region

“Being a father is the best job ever! What have I learned from my kids? First, I learned that I am not in control of anything and kids have their own ideas and opinions. As a parent, you have to be flexible and teach/coach your kids based on their personalities (each is different). Secondly, I learned that your kids don’t expect or want you to be some “perfect dad” they just want you to spend time with them and be a real person (not some TV show dad you think you are supposed to be). Being a father is a real blessing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am blessed!” – Mike Crawford, Chief Operating Officer

AceDavidson“The love that comes from being a father is incomparable. The bond formed unbreakable, the care and concern unconditional. I only get to see my son on weekends since his mom and I aren’t together, but I make sure our time together is fun and memorable… but he makes it magical. Becoming a father changes every aspect of life, every decision, for the better. Noah is always there for me to lift me up during hard times and gives me a reason to find the positive in every single day.” – Ace Davidson, Firm Technology Group

Philip Moser“Being a dad has changed me in many ways. I’ve added gray hair, 30 lbs. of dad weight and lots of perspective. My boys have helped remind me that my life is not all about me. On one hand, they can be incredibly challenging/frustrating at times (they are 4 and 2-years-old). However, the hilarity and sweetness they have brought to our lives far outweighs the challenges. I am so blessed to be their daddy!” – Philip Moser, Financial Advisor, DHG Wealth Advisors

MichaelAudit-Fathers Day“I became a father and an accountant roughly around the same time.  There are a lot of parallels.  Having children under the age of one is like studying for the CPA exam and failing every day, except it’s fun!  In all seriousness though – children are the greatest challenge an individual can undertake.  Careers and other professions can be walked away from at any time.  With children, you are on the clock, 24/7.  If you are not actively parenting you are “on call” at any moment.  Anything can happen – visits to the hospital, doctor, broken bones, scrapes, boo boos.  It is such a huge responsibility.  And there is no backing out.  If a child is created/adopted by you – you are responsible for that child.  You can’t find another one that pays more with less hours.  The finality of the assignment is heavy. Therefore, the amount of influence we have should be taken seriously and intentionally.  Every hug, every positive word, every negative word or short temper, is shaping the future of a person or persons.  If we rise to the challenge and the noble cause that it is, and are willing to fail and get back up, over and over again, we can make the world a better place.  What a blessing.  Each child is like a tree that is planted and if carefully cultivated, can produce an entire forest, not just another tree. The possibilities are endless!  Here’s the best part – we get to do this for free.  And love it.  Every.  Second.” – Michael Audet, Senior Associate and father of Hannah, Allison, Bethany and Eleanor

Happy Father’s Day to all of our DHG dads!

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