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#BeCyberSmart – Celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month


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In celebration of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, RJ Sudlow – a manager on the DHG IT Advisory team – shares insights with us about his career in cybersecurity and how he helps clients.

How did you gain an interest in and start your career in IT Advisory / cybersecurity?

I was in sales after college, looking for a career change, and my friends who were computer engineering majors gave me a glimpse into cybersecurity. I majored in marketing at Clemson University and did not have a background in cybersecurity. Eventually, I earned several certifications in the field. I met Douglas Jambor and Rodney Murray in an interview with DHG at a time when they were growing the IT Advisory team and services.

Tell us about what you do and the services that DHG IT Advisory offers.

I manage a team on the technical side of cybersecurity, and we help clients by performing network security assessments and vulnerability tests – emulating what a cyber-attack would look like on a client website or if a client received a phishing email. We also provide social engineering assessments to try to replicate behaviors that a cyber-criminal might do to gather confidential information over the phone, all in an effort to help our clients become aware and avoid costly cyber-attacks. Our IT Advisory team also conducts dark web research to uncover client data potentially for sale and identify the attack vector.

Through my cybersecurity presentations at our DHG Executive Briefing Series events and Financial Services Executive Seminars, I enjoy sharing my experience to raise awareness of what businesses can do to be prepared. Drawing on my sales experience allows me to share some great stories and analogies in these presentations.

Is there someone that has served as a mentor for you in this career path?

On my team, Douglas Jambor has taught me a tremendous amount on the technical side of cybersecurity, and Tom Tollerton has shown me the value of business development opportunities, in addition to advising me on privacy and the governance side – how interruptions can affect business continuity for our clients.

Do you have advice for someone wanting to learn more about a career in IT Advisory?

The easiest thing to do is to visit our website to see what opportunities are available. I’m very involved in campus recruiting and enjoy getting to know students who are starting to focus on cybersecurity. There are so many avenues to go into in IT Advisory, and sometimes it’s difficult to know the best route to take. Do a good deal of research and read up on cybersecurity. At DHG, reach out to our campus recruiters, Kyerra Moody or Kim Bullard at

Do you have an interesting story to share from past experience in cybersecurity?

When conducting social engineering assessments, I visited different bank branches under the guise of being a construction contractor. My goal was to identify how employees “process” customers and visitors as a part of their security posture as a whole. When I was walking through branches, I asked to check out the bank vault flooring.

Luckily, this was part of my social engineering assessment and these were simulated and not real attacks, but many organizations are susceptible to similar types of attacks where perpetrators aim to steal valuable information or assets.

My team and I are here to help organizations strengthen their cybersecurity posture and prepare for when an attack occurs, not if.

RJ Sudlow has been a member of the DHG IT Advisory team for more than five years, first in the Charlotte office and now he serves clients from the Atlanta office. To learn more about RJ and the team, visit