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A DHG Campus Recruiter Shares Her Tips for Virtual Recruiting


Kelly Anderson, Senior Associate Campus Recruiter at DHG, usually spends her spring traveling to colleges and universities in her region to meet with students interested in a career in accounting. This year, she will not be on the road but will be actively recruiting from the comfort of her home via Zoom.

2020 taught us all a lot about agility so while virtual interviewing and recruiting may be unchartered territory, Kelly shares tips to nail the interview and embrace the current reality.


How has our virtual world changed the campus recruiting process and how has DHG adjusted?

Looking back to March 2020, it seems like our world changed overnight – all campus recruiting events shifted to virtual and continue to be virtual to this day. We also had to transition our DHG Leadership Conference and Summer internship to be virtual.

Our goal for the remote programs and campus recruiting events was to ensure that all events were interactive and engaging – reflective of DHG’s culture.  We spent a lot of time brainstorming games to be played over Zoom and other ways to make the calls a two-way conversation. We found a great balance using games and informal networking, which allowed students to get to know DHG organically and authentically.

Personally, this change means I spend a lot more time having personal phone calls and meetings with students this year. Although a challenge, I think DHG transitioned the process pretty seamlessly.

What are your top 3 tips for anyone preparing for a virtual video interview?

Put your phone away, or better yet – turn it off! Remember to stay engaged 100% of the time you are interviewing.

Treat a virtual interview just like an in-person interview. I think Zoom has a tendency to feel less professional than meeting in-person, and it’s important that candidates remember it is still an interview. This includes dressing professionally and remembering to send a thank you note.

If possible, try to test out technology in advance. This will create less stress leading up to the interview as well.

We’ve focused on gratitude and silver linings at DHG. Do you see any silver linings in the virtual recruiting process?

For one, I have been able to attend more events this year than in previous years! Recruiting events are frequently on the same day at different campuses, and it is impossible to attend all events. Without the barriers that come with an in-person event, we have been able to connect with more students and involve more DHG teammates in the process. Bringing more people together to share DHG is what it is really all about!

What is your favorite part of your job?

Personally, I love being able to watch students grow from the day I meet them on campus to when they start with the firm as an associate, sometime with multiple internships in between! My background is in career counseling, so I truly love having conversations around future goals and plans. My favorite day of the year is the first day of Launch when I get to see all the students we’ve recruited in one place!

For more information on upcoming DHG recruiting events and opportunities, visit DHG Careers.