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3..2..1.. Initiate DHG Launch


Adam Okolicany

Adam Okolicany HeadshotDHG Launch is a perfect name for the first week of training if, for no other reason, it is the Launch of your internship at DHG. The title for this week is fitting because it encompasses the first week of training, whether it be technical or endurance. The endurance part leads us down a humorous trail. The days are jam-packed with events from the time your alarm goes off to late night social events. As a warning, if you’re on a diet or workout plan just be prepared to deviate for the entire week! The meals come in onslaughts; there’s breakfast, second breakfast, snack time, lunch, early afternoon snack time, snack time, dinner, and for those still starving there’s post-dinner dinner. Good luck to those thinking they can resist. Getting slightly more serious, there are a couple things I think are mission critical to having an awesome and successful DHG Launch experience.

1) Interact with people outside of your office. Think of Launch as a social business trip. You are there for training, but at the same time, you are there to meet the interns from every DHG office. Take advantage of that by meeting some new people; make some lasting friendships and memories. These are the people you will be growing with throughout your internship. They may be in different offices, but you are all on the same team. The range of people in attendance at Launch varies from first timers and returning interns (who you should definitely ask about their experience!) all the way up to C-level executives who are easily approachable and more than willing to spend time talking you about the firm and the culture.

2) Take notes during the training sessions and ask questions. I cannot stress this enough! As much as it all makes sense when someone is demonstrating how to do X-Y-Z. Once you try to do it yourself, that comfort level turns into utter dumbfoundedness. You will hear and see so many different things that being able to go back and reference your notes once back in the office is such a bonus. Once you get back to the office and begin working, you might feel lost, which is perfectly okay. You will not be alone, but having notes will be key. When you get stuck, do not be afraid to ask questions. I lost track counting how many questions I asked on day 1 because I ran out of fingers, but just do not be afraid to go ask how to do something. When you get the answers to your questions, be sure to write down notes that will help you remember how or why so that you don’t end up asking the same questions over and over.

Adam is an audit and tax intern in DHG’s Memphis office. He recently graduated from Christian Brothers University, and he will be getting his Master’s in Accounting from the University of Notre Dame in the fall. His Life Beyond Numbers revolves around his Husky named Whiskey. He also loves to travel, having back-packed through Europe for a month last summer.